– Canadian Parliament unanimously adopted on Thursday a second resolution on genocide in Srebrenica, which confirmed the previous M-416 resolution from 2010, which marked July 11 as Remembrance Day of Victims of Srebrenica Genocide in Canada.


April has been declared a month of fight against genocide in Canada and anniversary of genocide in Canada will be marked along with other genocides in 20th century.


Member of the ruling parliamentary party, Conservative Party of Canada, Brad Butt proposed the M- 587 Resolution to Parliament of Canada in March this year, which includes all genocides in 20th century, except for genocide in Srebrenica.


Office of Irwin Cotler, member of Canadian Parliament from Liberal Party of Canada, one of the biggest human rights activists in Canada and great friend of BiH, informed Canadian Bosniak community about that.


Congress of North American Bosniaks and Institute for Research of Genocide then sent a letter to Brad Butt, requesting amendments to the resolution to include genocide in Srebrenica in the Resolution.


Director of the Institute for Research of Genocide of Canada Emir Ramić said that Canadian Bosniak community and other Canadians were unpleasantly surprised that genocide in Srebrenica is not included in the text of the Resolution which describes biggest genocides in 20th century.


“That act humiliates victims of the biggest crime after Holocaust in Europe and it negatively affects reputation of Canada on the international level,“ Ramić said, calling the Parliament to correct its mistake and show that Canada is a country which fights for truth on crimes in BiH and justice for victims of those crimes.


Even though the resolution was originally adopted without including genocide in Srebrenica in that resolution, Brian Masse, who proposed the first resolution on genocide in Srebrenica from 2010 proposed a new resolution.


“On the occasion of 20th anniversary of genocide in Srebrenica, the Parliament supports the Resolution on genocide in Srebrenica, declaring July 11 as the Remembrance Day of Victims of Genocide and Genocide Remembrance Day is becoming an integral part of April, when awareness is raised on need to fight against genocide,“ it is stated in Masse’s resolution proposal.


Institute for Research of Genocide Canada and Congress of North American Bosniaks thanked Masse, Irwin Cotler and Stephane Dion, members of the Canadian Parliament who publicly spoke about genocide in Srebrenica in this parliament, it is stated in a joint press release.

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