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Report on book by Prof. Dr. Smail Čekić

The work under the title “Dayton (peace) agreement – legalization of genocide in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina” has been the result of long-term theoretical and empiric study, in which the subject of study is a very complex, dynamic, and evolving, socially and scientifically important. Two social and political phenomena are the subjects of study, connected, conditioned, and interdependent. The tile of the scientific paper required the analysis of two important relations and links between the analyzed social phenomena, given that the Dayton (peace) agreement is the result of the aggression against the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and genocide against Bosniacs at the end of the 20th century. This scientific study utilized all relevant, valid, and reliable sources of data – theoretical and empirical. Gathered data are sufficient, valid, and reliable for defining qualitative determinants and features of phenomena and their mutual relations, including quantitative dimensions, their distribution, and duration. By linking data from the original scientific research with the findings from the existing pool facilitated the setting up of the logical and meaningful, truthful and accurate findings and setting up of the system of inductive-deductive conclusions based on theoretic and empiric facts. This work is based on authentic scientific study of theoretic-empiric character, and it at the same time connects current scientific findings of this author and the findings from the scientific pool on the subject of research, and it is presented in a systematic manner, accompanied by critique and arguments from the voluminous scientific paper, which has compared to the previous results of individual and partial studies a capital value and relevance. To that end, the added value of this work are the sources of findings and data formulated in relevant document, which disclosed and identified relevant findings on the subject of scientific study. Scientific results, presented in this scientific paper, represent extremely relevant contribution to the development of scientific findings in the area of social and humanist sciences, particularly science of genocide.


Francis Boyle, PhD, Professor of international law at the University of Illinois, Former agent of Bosnia and Herzegovina before the International Court of Justice, Member of the International Expert Team of the Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada