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Thank you Hon. Jean Augustine,


April, mjesec borbe i osude genocida u Kanadi

Hvala Jean Augustine, bivšem članu Kanadskog parlamenta

U junu 2005. ona je  u Kanadskom parlamentu pokrenula inicijativu za usvajanje rezolucije o genocide u Srebrenici. “11. juli je dan sjećanja kada se svi KanaÄ‘ani trebaju pridružiti Kanadskim Bošnjacima u sjećanju na nedužne žrtve genocida u Srebrenici, največeg zločina poslije Drugog svijetskog rata u Evropi. Nad Bošnjacima je izvršen zločin genocida, nad BiH je izvršena agresija. Genocid i agresiju su projektovali i izvršili tadašnja SRJ { Srbija i Crna Gora} u saradnji sa bosanskim Srbima, 11 juli je dan kada će se svi KanaÄ‘ani pridružiti kanadskim Bošnjacima u sjećanju na nevine žrtve največeg zločina u Evropi poslije Drugog svijetskog rata. 2005. je godina sjećanja KanaÄ‘ana na srebrenički genocid”. Hon. Jean Augustine.

April is Genocide Remembrance, Condemnation and Prevention Month in Canada

Thank you Hon. Jean Augustine, Former Member of the Canadian Parliament and National President of the Congress of Black Women of Canada

In June 2005. she raised in the Canadian Parliament the initiative for the “Srebrenica Remembrance Day” in Canada.

“July 11, 2005. will mark the 10th anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica in which almost 8,000 men and boys were meticulously and methodically separated from their daughters, mothers, sisters and wives and then killed by Serb forces, buried in mass graves and then reinterred in secondary graves to cover up the crimes. Srebrenica fell to invading Serb forces on July 11, 1995, which at the time had been declared a UN " safe area" under the protection of the international community. The Srebrenica genocide was the worst genocidal atrocity in Europe since World War II. The Resolution of the Canadian Bosniaks commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide states that the policies of aggression and genocide as implemented by Serb forces in BiH from 1992 and 1005 meet the terms defining the crime of genocide in Article 2 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, created in Paris on December 9, 1948, and entered into force on January 12, 1951. The memory of those atrocities are still very much alive in the minds and hearts of many of my constituents. Srebrenica marked the climax of the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Red Cross estimated that between 8,000 and 10,000 innocent people were either executed or listed as missing. Throughout the three year war, tens of thousands were deprived of the fundamental democratic principles of peace, stability and safety. Let us remember the individuals who suffered because of hatred and intolerance. Let us assure the Canadian-Bosniak community and all communities that aggression, ethnic cleansing, genocide and all such evils be not repeated and that Canada and Canadians stand ready to uphold democratic principles and the rule of law”. Hon. Jean Augustine