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Komentara prof. dr. Francisa Boyla na knjigu prof. dr. Smaila Cekica

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1.Tudjman interpreted the Vance-Owen Plan to be the “green light” to invade RBIH. I repeatedly tried to get authority from the RBIH Presidency to sue Croatia for genocide at the World Court, but never got it.

2.At the Owen-Stoltenberg Negotiations in Geneva, I worked very hard to convince the RBIH Prime Minister Mile Akhmadic and his people to remain loyal to the Republic. Eventually, at breakfast with them all Akhmadic told me: Professor Boyle, this thing is going to happen. And there is nothing you or I can do to stop it. By thing he was referring to the genocidal 3 way carve up of Bosnia. I then had to go to the Palais des Nations for the negotiations, but always took my BBC with me. It was announced later that day that Akhmadic and the Bosnian Croats had joined ranks with Boban. This was all the doing of David Owen.

3.Owen and Tudjman also tried to steal Neum from us for Croatia and render us land-locked. I stopped them. Later on publicly denounced Tudjman who was there. He responded that I was being paid by the “Muslims” to say that. Of course I was working pro bono publico, free of charge and did not represent just the “Muslims”. I was the Lawyer for the entire RBIH and all of its people.

4.Before the World Court on April 1, 1993 I argued that al the genocide went back to Milosevic, not Karadzic. The Court agreed with me in their Orders of 8 April and 13 September 1993, as explained in my book manuscript that you have. My book tells the same story but from the perspective of international law. So I think my new book would make a nice complement to Smail’s book.

5.I did offer to file the Sarajevo Prosecutor’s Dossier against Canadian General Lewis MacKenzie and his UNPROFOR Troops with the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia for raping the Bosnian Women and demand that they be prosecuted. A decision was made not to do this in order not to antagonize the Canadian Government, that was taking in large numbers of Bosnian Refugees at that time.

6.When I was over there for  the Tenth Anniversary of the Srebrenica Massacre, if I remember correctly Smail told me that the Bosnian government made no effort to coordinate the findings of the State Commission with their Lawyers arguing the genocide case against Serbia and Montenegro before the World Court. Please confirm if that was true and continued to be true through the World Court trial in 2006. Thanks.

7.The Government of Croatia asked the RBIH government if they could consult with me about filing their own genocide lawsuit at the World Court against Yugoslavia. I agreed to do so free of charge. They then sent a Delegation to meet with me in The Hague for the morning and I went through the elements of a genocide lawsuit for them. Then I gave them a copy of the papers I filed for Bosnia as my gift free of charge, telling them that all they had to do was change the names around and file the papers. The Tudjman attacked and invaded us. I repeatedly asked for authority to sue Croatia for genocide at the World Court, but I could never get it. Eventually Croatia did sue Yugoslavia for genocide at the World Court. If you look at their Application you will see it is based upon the Bosnian Application that I gave them as my gift to them as Victims of Yugoslav genocide.

8.Yes my new book documents the Complicity of the Western States in the genocide against the Bosnians and especially by the British including David Owen. It is all in there in the Application against the UK for RBIH for genocide before the World Court. I could have done the same for France and Russia but I did not have the time to do so. Of course the Americans deserved a lawsuit too. But we realized the only hope we had was to change Clinton’s mind. So we could not sue him.

9.My new book fully supports everything Smail is saying here and independently of him. As you know, I sent you my book Manuscript before you sent me his manuscript over the weekend.

10.   Yes, the British were the worst of the West, which is why I sued them. You have my World Court papers there in my new book to document the British Crimes against RBIH.

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1.Speaking of David Owen, I was there in Geneva when he convinced Fikrit Abdic to turn against RBIH, join up with Milosevic and start the fratricidal civil war among Bosniacs at Bihac. That was Owen’s Strategy: Divide and Conquer.

2. 2204. In fact I convinced President Izetbegovic to ask President Clinton for military intervention, drafted the letter for him to sign, and then faxed it into the White House and the State Department. Nothing happened.

3. In my new book you have my Complaint against all these UN  officials that I filed with the ICTY over the Srebrenica Massacre. I did not include Holbrooke because I did not want to scare off Del Ponte. But he was guilty as sin too.

4. On 8 April 1993 while at the World Court I publicly called for NATO military intervention to save Bosnia from Genocide. Towards the end of that day, NATO announced it would enforce the air interdiction zone above RBIH.

5. Yes you have all of my arguments and attempts to break the genocidal arms embargo in my book The Bosnian People Charge Genocide and in this new book.

6. Yes my new book fully supports everything Smail is saying here and independently of him and I had not even read his MS before sending you my MS.

7. I repeatedly asked for authority to sue Russia at the World Court, but never got it. But see my Application against Britain, which I would have used as a template for Applications against France and Russia if I could have.

8. Yes, my new book deals with the genocidal nature of all these so-called peace plans starting with Vance-Owen through Dayton to Hays/April.

9. My new book explains how I sabotaged the genocidal Owen-Stoltenberg Plan.

10.          Yes my new book comments on the other so-called peace plans up through and including Hays/April that I organized to defeat.

11.          As I explain in my book I did everything humanly possible to get authority to return to the World Court in order to prevent the massacre at Srebrenica.

12.          My book deals with the situation from Srebrenica through to Dayton, including the New York and Geneva Principles.

13.          The only reason Clinton bombed in Bosnia was that Bob Dole had the votes in Congress to override Clinton’s veto of the Dole Bill to lift the Embargo against Bosnia and Clinton did not want Dole to use that against him in the presidential campaign of Dole versus Clinton. So Clinton bombed to defuse that issue.

14.          I go through these agreements in my new book.

15.          I did all I could to stop that Brcko Amendment to the Constitution, giving Brcko to RS. The story is told in my new book. So at the end of the day RS got Brcko.

16.          You have my analysis of the Dayton Agreement in my new book that I did at the request of Sacirbey and also the RBIH Parliament. They had it in Bosnian when they debated it.

17.          The first draft of Dayton which Izetbegovic asked me to analyze would have been a de jure carve up of the Republic into two parts. I pointed this out. So instead we got a de facto carve up—as I pointed out in my new book. My book fully supports everything Smail is saying  here about Dayton independently of him—before I read his analysis.

18.          My book tells the story of how I convinced ICTY Prosecutor Del Ponte to indict Milosevic for every crime in the ICTY Statute, including 2 counts of genocide—one for Bosnia in general and the second for Srebrenica in particular.

19.          My new book fully agrees with everything Smail has said and independently of him since I sent you my MS before you sent me his MS. They make companion volumes and complement each other. At least we will have a comprehensive analysis and history of what happened here. Smail from the Inside and me from the Outside—we both can’t be wrong.