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IGC Complain

With this letter the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada would like to file a formal complaint against your company’s use of images of monuments to victims of Holocaust. The use of such images for commercial use such as selling sunglasses or any other for that matter is strictly prohibited and proper complaints against your company will be filed.


Alena Demirovic

Communications Specialist 

Institute for Research of Genocide Canada


"To Whom It May Concern:

I write to express dismay and disgust over your use of a monument to Holocaust victims on a commercial website. While you might find monuments across Eastern Europe "cool", for many of us they are sacred objects that testify that thousands of people have been imprisoned under horrific conditions, tortured and murdered. Do you even know what Jasenovac Camp was? Do you care? What is next? Trail of Tears blankets? Auschwitz clothing? I am sorry, but this truly is off limits. I will be sharing my letter with Anti-Defamation League, Institute for Research of Genocide Canada, Southern Poverty Center and other organizations working to preserve the memory of Holocaust and learn from it. You clearly have learned nothing.


Tanja Softić
Professor of Art
University of Richmond"