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Dear Mr. Ramic,

Finally, we are coming back to your inquiry about the petition in Canada against deniers of genocide in Srebrenica.
Germany has the so called “Volksverhetzung” (“incitement of the people”) concept which refers to acts of incitement to hatred against segments of the population.  This includes also the denial of the Holocaust. Hate speech regulations in Germany are based on the experience during the Nazi time. Please see the link below.
Further, in the context of “freedom of speech vs. hate speech” we found parts of this book helpful, see especially page 58 ff.
Attached you will also find an open letter  by scholars from the Humanitarian Law Center regarding the latest installment of controversial commissions by RS.
Further, an analysis by the International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) regarding attempts of revisions of the final judgements on the Srebrenica genocide.
We have also put Mr. Becirovic in cc who is also in contact with you about this matter.
We hope this might help in the process. Please let us know about any developments.
Best regards from Mr. Schwarz-Schilling.
Best wishes,
Manuela Mangold
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