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Statement by the IGC on the occasion of the final second instance verdict to Radovan Karadzic

The ICTY Council at The Hague has sentenced Radovan Karadzic, a former political leader of the Republic of Srpska and the supreme commander of its Army to the life imprisonment. We welcome this verdict as it is a first one of its kind after the Second World War. Extreme nationalism that he preached and being the architect of the greatest crime in Europe since the Second World War, Radovan Karadzic was the primary force behind the evil that seized Bosnia and Herzegovinia.

Unfortunately, the connection with Serbia’s role in Bosnian genocide has not been established, that is, the joint criminal undertaking and the participation of Serbia in the aggression against the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina has not been adjudicated. The genocidal intent on the whole territory of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina unfortunately has not been adjudicated as well. The genocide of Srebrenica is the legal, political and historical revisionism, by which the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the smallest culminating form, gives Serbia, regardless of the lost war, the continuous right to the entity of the RS or the state of BiH. According to the science of genocide, genocidal intent in BiH began in 1992 in Prijedor.

Thus the justice is satisfied at the symbolic level. How is it possible that the genocide in BiH after 26 years of operation of the ICTY has only been reduced to Srebrenica. This finding is contrary to the historical definition of genocide. By reducing the genocide in BiH only to Srebrenica, the international community and especially the UN are protecting themselves, thus hiding their own moral stumbling in BiH.

The verdict should not be for an individual criminal only, but also a verdict against the idea, politics, ideology and practice on the basis of which the RS was formed and that is by aggression and genocide. On the basis of this final judgment, victims are entitled to compensation. The verdict provides another chance for the RS political establishment to accept responsibility for genocide committed and thus provide at least a slight satisfaction to the victims. If the conviction is not accepted by a criminal and if he has no awareness of the crimes committed, how can we expect that there will be the consciousness and human repentance that will lead to a better future. Is there a possibility in the human mind besides the Hague Tribunal to understand that the genocide has been committed and that the victims deserve peace of mind.

The science of genocide has finished its job. All of the relevant evidence proves that the genocidal plan, genocidal intent and the commission of genocide in all occupied places of the Republic of BiH has been committed. Science has also confirmed the joint criminal undertaking and in this case Serbia's participation in aggression and genocide in BiH. The above finding is an objective, true, scientific knowledge, which was proven with all the relevant scientific researches so far.

Emir Ramic
Institute for research of genocide Canada