Podrške plemenitih

Fabian Jankovic

To Emir Ramic ,


My name is Fabian Jankovic, and I am an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia. I wanted to commend and thank you for your efforts in condemning and deploring the lecture that Dr. Srdja Trifkovic was due to give on Thursday, February 24. Our efforts on campus may well have been futile without your support.


While I understand and sympathize with the inherent principles of free speech, it must be acknowledged that a line does exist, and Dr. Trifkovic’s rhetoric, filled with the hate, propaganda, and revisionist history that he propagates, is well and truly past it. His refusal to acknowledge the Srebrenica genocide is tasteless and unacceptable, and is an insult to the 8000 that died at the hands of his superiors.  His stance on the Muslim question (not only concerning the Bosniaks but the greater Islamic peoples) and Kosovo is doctrinaire and unquestionably inappropriate and may well have consequences for him and Serbia in the future. His affiliations with Milosevic, Karadzic, Mladic, Plavsic, and Republika Srpska speak for themselves – our government was right to refuse his entry into the country on that basis alone. In my estimation, Trifkovic is nothing more than a mouthpiece for Velika Srbija, and his demagoguery is not welcome at an institution as respected as UBC.


In summation, a final thanks, and I hope that you and your institute continue to increase awareness not only of the crimes committed  in Bosnia, but also (after reading your piece on Serbian war crimes in World War II) continue to reveal the history as it happened, not as it was written by the victors of history. The truth must be told: if not for honour, then for the victims of the men who Trifkovic defends, who no longer have a voice.



Fabian Jankovic