Podrške plemenitih

Damir Danny Mustafic

Dear Professor Emir Ramic


I share your opinion and agree to everything you state in your article. Whilst I applaud the Serbian authorities on the arrest of one of most notorious terrorist the world has seen, I can’t help but to think that this act is well overdue. I refuse to believe that it took 16 years to find a person in such a small country as Serbia, partially after seeing video footage of him attending various festivities and gatherings over the years. Many citizens of Serbia and Serb Republic were aware of his whereabouts, but were never questioned or investigated to the full effect of the law.


I do believe that Mladic was in fact an "Ace up the Sebian's governments sleeve" a well-protected secret just waiting to be pulled out at the right time. It was inevitable that he would be extradited, at just the right time.


At the same time whilst I feel deep sorrow for the families of the Genocide victims, I hope that we as Bosniaks will not be blinded by the temporary satisfaction of just convicting Mladic of crimes against humanity, but look deeper and seek the truth behind the Dayton peace accords and hopefully abolish the artificial state state that was born of crime and the worst one of all - a Genocide.


I certainly hope the tribunal will focus not only on who and why but also on how. Aggression on Bosnia was not orchestrated only by Karadzic and executed by Mladic, but was directly funded and supported by none other than former Serbian government. Serbia cannot deny the involvement in aggression on Bosnia. Denying involvement in aggression shows mediocrity and overall disrespect for the ICTY. Tanks on the east side of Drina river did shell the Bosnian cities and that is the fact. If that is not a sign of direct involvement, I don't know what is.


Damir Danny Mustafic