Podrške plemenitih

Fred E.

Dear mayor Fred Eisenberger,
At its regular annual convention, members of the Bosnian community in Hamilton  have unanimously decided to support you as Mayor in the upcoming local elections in Hamilton.
I take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for the Bosnian community in Hamilton and for our homeland Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
We are proud of you.
Professor Dr. Emir Ramic
President of the Bosnian community in Hamilton

Eisenberger, Fred
Thank you so much Emir for that endorsement. I would be very pleased if we could get a picture of you and others from the Bosnian community so we can formalize

Christopher Cutler
Thanks Emir for the kind support of you and your community. It means a lot to us and especially to the Mayor. We will be posting this on social  media and website today. Thank you for your kind words.
Christopher Cutler,
Campaign Manager