Podrške plemenitih

D. Pettigrew

..my thanks to the Institute for these kind words of support... the Pionirska Street house in Višegrad continues to be threatened by a process of "expropriation" that is being pursued relentlessly by the municipality, a process that could lead to the demolition of the house that stands as the only memorial to the victims--women and children--who were burned alive on June 14, 1992... in this photo I am laying flowers in the basement of the house where the victims perished...although Bakira has bravely protected and restored the house (as a memorial site and as a place of residence for a returnee) the municipality refuses to provide water or electricity to the house, and will not give approval to the memorial plaque that was installed recently... the politics of apartheid and genocide denial continue on the ground in Višegrad as the municipality continues to attempt to erase any memory and refuse any recognition of the genocide...

Dvaid Pettigrew