Podrške plemenitih

Naim K.

Most Honorable Mr. Justin Trudeau,

Your Excellency,
I fully support and congratulate you on your excellent and progressive leadership of our homeland Canada. You are certainly a bright follower of our late Prime Minister, the horable Pierre Trudeau, who we all remember as one of the best in our lifetime.
I send you this letter as a support of the request submitted to the Canadian Government by Professor Emir Ramic, of the Institute for Research on Genocide, Canada, regarding re-opening of the Canadian Embassy in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. (http://instituteforgenocide.org/?p=12679).

Your wise decision on this matter, would be highly appreciated by all Canadians of Bosnian Heritage (more than 100,000 Canadian residents at present time).
Yours Truly,
Prof. Dr. Naim Kosaric
Professor Emeritus Western University, London, Ontario

Former President of the Academic Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Toronto, Canada