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Sabina Sutkovic
Dear friends,
Please like today's posts on Bosnian American Institute and VoBG that are related to the amazing work of the Institute For Research Of Genocide Canada (IGC) and Prof. Dr. Emir Ramic. Bosnian genocide deniers all over the world are working hard to undermine, attack and stop institutions like Institute For Research Of Genocide Canada (IGC). Some of them have started a personal attack on our academics, such as Prof. Dr. Emir Ramic. We need to ensure that we stand strong against any deniers of genocide and resist their manipulation, lies and personal attacks. It is our duty to ensure that we stand in solidarity. If we become silent to those who support genocide, or glorify war criminals, how can we expect a better future for our children?

Bosnian American Institute
Left to Right: Dr. Emir Ramic, Canadian Member of Parliament Borys Wrzesnewskyj, and BAI's Education Chair Irfan Mirza at the Srebrenica commemoration in 2016 at the Gazi Husrev Beg Center in Mississauga (Toronto), Ontario.
Here is something you can do. BAI has issued a statement of our collaboration with IGC and Prof. Dr. Emir Ramic at the Institute For Research Of Genocide Canada (IGC). You can assist the IGC and the work of Dr. Ramic by adding a comment to this post expressing your support for his courage and the brilliant work of the scholars and experts at IGC. Three BAI scholars are certified experts on genocide by the IGC.

Irfan Mirza Author 

I support the work of Dr. Emir Ramic and the IGC