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BAI team meets IGC’s Dr. Ramic

Bosnian American Institute shared an album.
BAI team meets IGC’s Dr. Ramic
The BAI team was honored to be part of the celebrations marking fifteen years of active work at the Bosnian Educational and Cultural Organization BECO in Portland. For the first time, some members of BAI were able to meet the guest speaker Dr. Prof. Emir Ramic from Institute For Research Of Genocide Canada (IGC) and personally thank him on behalf of the Seattle community and greater Pacific Northwest for all the work the IGC board and team are doing to create awareness about the Bosnian genocide. Dr. Ramic reminded us that we have lots of work of ahead. His message was that we need to build bridges with communities all over North America, support institutions that work on Bosnian Herzegovinian identity, Bosnian language and traditions. He also highlighted that Advisory Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina (ACBH) is an important voice in Washington DC for all Bosnian Americans and we have to ensure that we provide the necessary means to ensure their work.
In addition, he highlighted that Bosnians and Herzegovinians have lots of friends here in the U.S and Canada. He provided the example of Mr. Brian Masse, Member of the Canadian House of Commons. BAI will like to meet people like Mr. Masse and personally thank them for their effort in Bosnian Herzegovinian causes.
Thank you to the entire community of BECO, its board, BECO folk dance group, and the wonderful volunteers who provided Bosnian delicacies and coffee. We cannot forget the wonderful actors who stepped up to the challenge of enacting a little theatrical performance for all of us.
We wish Beco Portland much more success in the future.