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Dear dr. Emir,

Hereby we enclose to you the invitation letter for the Annual Bosniak Gathering of North America. 

Hoping to receive a reply from you very soon, accept our sincere greetings. 

Br: 01-SC-63/17 Phoenix, AZ: October 11, 2017 Dr. Emir Ramic Ref: Invitation to 22nd Annual Bosniak Gathering of North America, Distinguished dr. Ramic, Islamic Community of North American Bosniaks led by the Head imam dr. Sabahudin ef. Ceman has the honor to use this opportunity and invite you to the 22nd Annual Bosniak Gathering of North America. The Islamic Community of North American Bosniaks (ICNAB) has been organizing Annual Bosniak Gathering of North America for 21 years in a row which gathers a large number of Bosniaks from the United States and Canada. The gatherings are comprised of a religious, educational, cultural and sport activities, and this year's, 22nd gathering will be held in Phoenix, AZ from November 24 to 26, 2017. The theme of this year's gathering is "Thousands years of Bosnia, five hundred years of Islam in Bosnia and hundred years of Bosniaks in America". During the time of gathering there will be lectures, panels and other appropriate programs in order to mark these important dates and the history of Bosnia and Bosniak people. Having in mind your knowledge and expertise, especially in the field of genocide and your experience at the Institute for Research of Genocide, we intended to add as a part of the program a lecture about genocide that happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina between 1992-1995. Your presence at the gathering and your lecture would definitely mark this year’s gathering and enrich the entire program. Needless to say, this important topic of genocide in latest history needs to be thought and conveyed to future generations. There is no more knowledgeable person in North America that can address the audience about this topic then you. Therefore, if your busy schedule allows you, and if you are able to positively respond to the invitation, we will be pleased to remain open to all suggestions and arrangements regarding your arrival and participation in the program. You can send your reply to the invitation by email to or by calling + 1-602-761-9882. The Islamic Community of North American Bosniaks would like to thank you in advance for taking this invitation into consideration, and uses the opportunity to once again extend its deepest appreciation. Sincerely, Dr. Sabahudin ef. Ceman Head imam

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