STL Muratovic

November 01, 2016.

Dear President Pestello,

Since Bosnians began arriving as refugees in St. Louis in the mid-1990s, Saint Louis University has been involved in understanding, helping and educating the Bosnian community. That's why we was pleased to see that one of your professors, Dr. Ajlina Karamehic-Muratovic, was recently featured in a BBC News article about the Bosnian Muslim refugee community in St. Louis. We understand that part of her work at the university involves studying the impact the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina has had on the refugees' mental health. This is a critical issue for the Bosnian community.  Many of those who were displaced from Bosnia and then resettled in the United States were imprisoned in concentration camps and/or endured heavy violence and trauma. Supporting research in this field will inform the treatment options available and improve the quality of life not only for Bosnian refugees but also other refugees and victims suffering from similar trauma.

On behalf of the Congress of North American Bosniaks and the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada, we want to thank you and Saint Louis University for engaging in this work and the service your are doing for refugee communities.


Eldin Elezovic

President of the Congress of North American Bosniaks

Emir Ramic

Chairman, Institute for Research of Genocide Canada

Osmrtnicama ba