Very important - The Canadian Bosnian Community is again worried about the future of its homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina

August 21, 2016.

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada

Dear Prime Minister,

More than 50,000 Bosnian and Herzegovina Canadians were majority of them are the surviving victims of aggression and genocide, due to a referendum there are back to life of the horrors of the greatest crimes since the Second World War in Europe. Again, we are concerned about their homeland. Once again we hope Canada to help in the rescue of the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The decision taken by the RS National Assembly on July 15 regarding a referendum in RS on the issue of RS Day violates the General Framework Agreement for Peace. This referendum is unacceptable and represents a fundamental disruption to the rule of law in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to this decision, the voters in Republic of Srpska are asked to vote on a question that has already been decided upon by the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Bosnia and Herzegovina Constitution clearly states that the decisions of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Constitutional Court are final and binding and the entities are bound to comply with decisions of the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Let me remind you that the Bosnia and Herzegovina Constitutional Court, as an integral part of Annex 4 of the Dayton Peace Agreement has exclusive jurisdiction to decide on disputes arising under the Bosnia and Herzegovina Constitution and that all authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the RS authorities, are bound to implement its decisions.

We are informed that the Meeting of the Board of the Peace Implementation Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be held on Tuesday August 23, 2016.

Our position is very clear. Asking citizens in the RS to declare themselves on an issue which has already been decided by the Bosnia and Herzegovina Constitutional Court is a challenge to the Dayton Peace Agreement. A final and binding decision of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Constitutional Court cannot simply be undone, and authorities are obliged to implement the court’s decisions. We therefore call upon the Canada and all the members of the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina to use all means to order RS authorities to respect the fundamentals of the Peace Agreement, not only when it suits them, and seek a resolution of this issue in accordance with the law.

Peace is once again in danger in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The duty of all of Canada and democracy in the world is to jointly prevent any serious disruption of peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina by the anti-democratic, anti-civilization, inhuman action of the political positions and the opposition in RS.

In the attachment is a letter to Canadian Prime Minister of the Bosnian Community in Canada.

Sincerely yours.

On behalf of the Canadian Bosnian Community
Professor Emir Ramic