Govor u Windsoru

Ladies, and gentlemen, dear friends,  it is my pleasure to address you on behalf of the Bosniak community in Canada

It is the obligation to detect and identify the human, social, and scientific truth about genocide, being an important condition for achieving the justice and rights, without it is not possible to build the common future in Bosnia.

Canada has continuously displayed its sensibility towards the genocide victims in Bosnia. The proof is adopting two Resolutions on genocide in Srebrenica  in the Canadian Parliament; the towns of Hamilton and Windsor paid tribute to the genocide victims in Srebrenica; Canada is celebrating the White arm band day,  the permanent exhibition on the genocide in Srebrenica in the Canadian Museum for Human Rights,  as well as opening of the historic monument in Windsor,  which will permanently remind all of us about the worst evil committed against the innocent human beings, just because of their national, ethnic, racial, and religious background.

I am taking this privileged possibility to express the deepest human gratitude to Member of Parliament Brian Masse for continuous support  for the truth and justice in Bosnia. 

All citizens of Bosnian origin living in Canada can testify that Brian’s contribution and hard work to acknowledge and declare a day of mourning for Srebrenica and to make sure that everyone knows that the crimes committed in Srebrenica were in fact genocide. Despite the resistance to include the word genocide in the resolution, Brian was determined to pass two resolutions in the Parliament. The lobbying and advocacy process for this resolutions lasted many years and Brian’s dedication, commitment, integrity and courage are important factors that led to the realizations of this; something that is very important to the Bosnian community. Furthermore, this gives an advantage to Canada to strengthen its commitment in the fight to prevent genocide in the future, and further optimize the relations between Bosnia and  Canada to prevent future genocides. Thank you Brian. You are our friend and our hero. I applaud your efforts to promote peace and justice in the world and a better future for Bosnia-Herzegovina and its citizens.

I would like to thank all members of the Bosnia  Club Windsor for building the historic monument to the Srebrenica genocide victims.
Emir Ramic