Bos. skola Edmonton

March 16, 2018.


The Bosnia and Herzegovina Society Edmonton 

Jasmina Colic Teacher of Bosnian Language  


Dear Jasmina Colic,


The School of Bosnian Language in Hamilton on behalf of the Bosnian Islamic Centre of Hamilton officially invites the School of Bosnian Language in Edmonton to visit our school and our community in September this year. The main purpose of the visit will be to promote friendship and the open exchange of ideas between the two schools.


Students from the School of Bosnian Language in Edmonton would like to take a school tour and to meet their fellow Bosnian students in Hamilton. With the visit they'd like to gain more knowledge about the Hamilton school programs and to share their experiences and learn more about Bosnian geography, culture and language.


Student from Edmonton will present an educational theater play about Bosnian Alphabet and perform the traditional Bosnian Folk Dance.


Both schools will have the opportunity to participate in the celebration of the international Day of Bosniaks on September 28th organized by the Bosnian Cultural Center.


Students from Edmonton also want to visit one of the most visited place in Canada, the Niagara Falls. For many students from Edmonton this will be the first time to visit Hamilton and Ontario province. This visit will strengthen the friendship between The School of Bosnian Language in Edmonton and the Bosnian school in Hamilton. 


Kind Regards, 

Dr. Emir Ramic

Teacher of Bosnian Language in the Bosnian Islamic Centre of Hamilton 

Hasan Kapo

President of the Bosnian Islamic Centre of Hamilton