A statement proclaiming July 11, 2018, as Srebrenica Remembrance Day in Hamilton.

Honoring and remembering the victims of the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina is very important to Bosniak Hamilton Community. It reminds us of the tragedy of war and the worst atrocity committed in Europe since the Holocaust. This is an important gesture to the families whose lives have been affected by the terrible tragedy of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A statement  proclaiming July 11, 2018, as Srebrenica Remembrance Day in Hamilton.

Whereas, In 2010 and 2015, Canadian Parliament passed two resolutions acknowledging the genocide that the Serbian forces perpetrated in Srebrenica; and
Whereas, the Government of Canada began officially recognizing this genocide in Srebrenica and Bosnia and Herzegovina after motions passed in the House of Commons in 2010. and 2015. calling for the Government to recognize every July 11 as Srebrenica Remembrance Day in Canada; and
Whereas, July 11, 2018, is commemorated as the 23th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide in which at least 8,372 innocent Bosniak civilians were summarily executed, and 30,000 were expelled from their homes in the worst atrocity in Europe since the Holocaust; and
Whereas, This anniversary, together with this year’s anniversary since the beginning of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, raises awareness of the tragic suffering of the Bosnian people. It also honors and remembers over 100,000 civilians who died as a result of the policies of ethnic cleansing and aggression in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the period of 1992 to 1995; and
Whereas, The Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada, the Congress of North American Bosniaks, and the Bosniak Islamic Centre of Hamilton requested this statement; and
Whereas, The city of Hamilton recognizes the importance of this event to bring closure for the Bosnian people through justice and truth; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the Mayor of Hamilton, That we hereby proclaim July 11, 2018, as Srebrenica Remembrance Day and the week of July 11, 2018, as Bosnia and Herzegovina Tribute Week in Hamilton  and be it further
Resolved, That we call upon all citizens to work toward ending the cycle of violence and promoting peaceful coexistence among all.