After elections in the Canadian city of Hamilton

After elections in the Canadian city of Hamilton, the voice of B&H continues to be heard in the City Hall. Friends of B&H won again. For mayor Fred Eisenberger and for the ward 10 Maria Pearson. We congratulate mayor Fred Eisenberger and councillor Maria Pearson. Your long-standing work for the state of B&H is fantastic. Thank you.
The answer of Fred and Maria to the Bosnian community in Hamilton
Thank you so much professor Ramic and to all the Bosnian community in Hamilton. I am so proud to be able to continue to work with all of you!
Maria Pearson, Council, City Hall, Hamilton
Thank you for your support professor Ramic. We will continue to work together to build the inclusive diverse city Hamilton we can be proud of.
Fred Eisenberger, mayor of the city of Hamilton