Pismo za Brian M.

Dear Hon. Brian Masse,

The signature and certify process for the e-1837 petition has ended. We have 2134 signatories. 

 It was magnificent to participate in a joint struggle for the truth and justice. Once again, Canada has reunited friends of the truth and justice all over the world. 

The acknowledgment belongs to you, Bosnia's greatest friend and friend of truth and justice, and a sponsor of the said petition. 

Also, thank you goes to all of those who signed the petition from all of the provinces and territories of Canada as well as the Canadians who live in other countries. Your signature on the petition e-1837 was a signature for the truth and justice. 

We can already conclude that in Canada once again the truth about the genocide in Srebrenica has won. With this action of signing the e-1837 petition we have pawed the way to truth and justice about genocide in Srebrenica in many other parts of the world. The Bosnian diaspora and its organizations from the USA, Australia and five European countries have asked for our assistance to start the same petition in their respected communities. Another very important feature of this action is that the truth and justice about the genocide in Srebrenica came to all provinces and territories of Canada.

Until the reading of the petition e-1837 in Parliament, the Institute for research of genocide Canada will actively contact members of Parliament and the Government to explain the significance of the criminal sanctioning of the deniers of genocide in Srebrenica. 

Dear Brian Masse,
Can we determine the date of Petition reading in Parliament? Can someone from the Bosnian community in Canada then be present in the Parliament?

Profesor Emir Ramić
Institute fro research of genocide Canada