Cestitke Kanade za Dan nezavisnosti eng

February 28, 2019
It is my pleasure to extend best wishes and congratulations on the marking of Bosnia's Independence Day on Friday, March 1, 2019. This is an important day to celebrate the independence of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Socialist Federal
Republic of Yugoslavia some 27 years ago. I am appreciative of the many contributions made by the Bosnian community here in Hamilton. The Bosnian flag is flying from City Hall and the Hamilton Sign will be lit in the national colours. This is a small recognition of our appreciation of the long contribution made by Bosnia to democracy and diversity in their region. The continued commitment of Bosnians to freedom and to the free association of a diverse population has been an example to the world. Bosnians are truly blessed with a proud legacy in Canada. I know that you and your children continue to serve as an example in Canada and Bosnia as you labour to make your way in what can be a difficult world. I wish you continued success in Canada and in the City of Hamilton.
Fred Eisenberger

February 28th 2019
On behalf of the Government of Canada, I would like to offer my best wishes for all Canadians of Bosnian origins, near and far, on this Day of Independence. Members of the Bosnia and Herzegovina community should take pride in the beauty of your
country, your culture and your people. I have been humbled by the opportunity to be a vocal supporter for the Bosnian community in Canada, especially here in Hamilton. My love for the Bosnian people, their culture and their homeland has been with me ever since visiting Bosnia back in 1978. I hope one day that I will be able to return to Bosnia and Herzegovina and once again take part in the wonderful culture, breathe the air, and drink the water. Please accept my best wishes for a wonderful Day of Independence.
Bob Bratina, MP 

February 28, 2019
Members of the Canadian Bosniak Community:
Re: Bosnia’s Independence Day
I wish to congratulate and extend my best wishes to the Bosnian community on marking March 1st Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Your ground-breaking historical movement on the 1st of March, 1992 for contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed Bosnia and Herzegovina’s statehood, including independence and self-determination that was expressed by the majority of the citizens of these great communities. On that memorable day, Bosnia and Herzegovina became a member of the international community and recognized as the 177th member of the United Nations. I commend the communities of Bosnia and Herzegovina for standing strong and united and continuing to recognize the importance of the movement every year.
Maria Pearson
Councillor Ward 10
Stoney Creek