Ambasador Kanade u BiH

Dear Isabelle,
Thank you for honouring the Bosnian victims of genocide in the Srebrenica Memorial Centre in Potocari on behalf of Canada. Our grand thank you comes on behalf of the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada, the Congress of North American Bosniaks, the Bosnian community in Canada and, particularly, the survivors of the Srebrenica genocide. This will encourage the surviving victims of the Srebrenica genocide to continue their struggle and fight for truth and justice and to never let this atrocity be forgotten. This encouragement will be especially important for the “Mothers of Srebrenica” which is the name given to the Bosnian mothers who lost their entire families including their children, husbands, brothers and uncles, among others. We thank Canada and its representatives for everything that has been done for Bosnia and Herzegovina and for never forgetting the worst crime committed in Europe since the Holocaust, which was the genocide that occurred in Srebrenica. Your visit to Potocari is also extremely significant in relation to the e-1837 petition that was presented to the Canadian Parliament, in which we asked the Government of Canada to criminally sanction any individual that denies the Srebrenica genocide. We sincerely hope that the Government of Canada will honour your sacrifice for the victims of genocide at the Srebrenica Memorial Centre and that the statements you received from the Mothers of Srebrenica will be a beneficial argument for approving the e-1837 petition. Once more, thank you to Canada for everything that it has done for Bosnia and its people, and especially for promoting a culture of remembrance for the genocide in Srebrenica.  

Dr. Emir Ramic