During the founding meeting of the Coordination Committee for the global celebration of the Day of Independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the Day of Gratitude, on March 1 and 6, 2022, respectively, and under the motto "The World for Bosnia and Herzegovina", it was decided to continue the work of committees and organizations around the world and to coordinate and develop our project on the basis of the following work plan and guidelines that would be respected in each country that has participants in the work of the Committee.


Given the current political and security situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we believe it necessary and urgent for citizens of BiH origin living abroad to organize and express themselves publicly in a sign of protest against the constant and serious attacks on the constitutional order of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the possible threat to peace caused by the radical and illegal decisions and policies.

After successful protests on January 10, 2022 in 35 cities in 14 countries, rallies are planned for the 1st and 6th of March, 2022, worldwide. The Coordination Board currently consists of representatives from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (and from 2 February, Belgium and Ireland as well).


1. Independence Day, March 1 is traditionally and in various ways observed in the entire world as organized by associations of Bosnians and Herzegovinians. The Coordination Committee has decided not to take on the role or responsibility for the content of the programs and organization of gatherings on March 1, 2022, except to share information through its global channels. This year marks the 30th anniversary of BiH's independence.

2. Day of Gratitude, March 6 is a new event as of 2022, and its primary goal is to present Bosnia and Herzegovina as a state, and to present Bosnians and Herzegovinians in the states and environments in which they live. The simultaneous gathering of citizens in about twenty countries worldwide, with good media attention and coordinated work of the Committee, will greatly highlight Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens around the world, and thus increase attention to the current crisis in the state, which is one of the goals of the gathering. For the effect and resonance of the gatherings to be as great as possible, it is necessary that the activities before March 1 and 6 be harmonized, as well as the program of the gatherings of 6 March, 2022.

Therefore, TEAM MEDIA, which was established for the preparations of the protests on the 10th of January 2022, and continues its work in this Committee, proposes the following guidelines for the organization of DAY OF GRATITUDE on March 6, 2022.

1) While the commemoration of March 1, 2022, would have both a solemn and a political character (speeches, participation of guests, ceremonial events), the observation of the Day of Gratitude on the 6th of March would be an informal gathering, with an emphasis on the culture and tradition of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and an expression of gratitude to the domestic population and the state in which the celebrations are held.

2) March 6 is not an official holiday, but it was selected because it is the first Sunday in March 2022. If March 6, 2022 succeeds, this idea could become a tradition so that every year, the first Sunday in March is the Day of Gratitude. The reason for this event is the current crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the attempted coup by the ruling party coalition in Banja Luka. (In this regard, it is important that in all media appearances, before and during the celebration, we do not forget to emphasize that March 1 is the Day of Independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina, recognizing the 30 years of its existence as a sovereign state in the modern era, but that March 6, 2022 is a Day of Gratitude).

3) To create the strongest possible image and resonance we wish to send out to the world, that of the unity and strengths of the diaspora, it is important that one part of the program on March 6, 2022 be exactly the same. This primarily refers to the following:

a. In all cities, the program starts at the same time (local time) with the anthem of the state in which the gathering is held and then the anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The gathering starts at 12.00 noon, and the program itself starts at 13.00.

b. In all cities at least one speech will be given and will be prepared and agreed upon in advance; it will be read in the language of the host country.

c. In all cities, Latif Močević's song "For Bosnia and Herzegovina”, which became a kind of protest anthem on January 10, 2022, will be played, preferably at the closing at 3 p.m.

d. In all cities, a leaflet or a poster will be used, with some important information about the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

4) All organizers are free to decide on all other details in their states and cities. It is very important to emphasize here that in this free part as well, the program must follow the basic principles, which are as follows:

a. Gatherings are civic, with no emphasis on any ethnic or religious group individually. This does not apply to certain content that aims to emphasize the multiethnic constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its long tradition (for example, folk costumes and folklore of all denominations).

b. There should be no promotion or advertising of any political parties. This does not mean that people engaged in political parties cannot attend or organize the event, but during speeches and other activities, there shall be no emphasis on party symbols and messages. Presentations by guests who have a political background is possible only in light of the function they perform. For example: a member of the Presidency or a Minister does not address the public as a representative of his or her party, but rather as a statesperson currently holding a given function; distinguished professors who are at the same time members of a party will present as persons involved in the business they are engaged in, and that must be the case clearly and visibly before and during the meeting.

c. At each gathering, attention will be paid to the culture of genocide denial and glorification of war criminals, as well as to the unimplemented judgments of the European Court of Human Rights (Sejdić / Finci, Pilav, Pudarić, Zornić);

5) The event will be held, if possible, in large squares or in parks. This increases the chance of engaging random passers-by, and the observance of health measures necessitated by the Corona virus pandemic is made easier. Where an outdoor gathering is not desirable (due to weather conditions), the assembly may be held indoors.

6) In addition to the cultural section of the event, in each gathering of Bosnian-Herzegovinian citizens it is important to send a message of gratitude to their neighbors, friends, colleagues, and the state that protects them, which had previously received them and enabled a new life. In this regard, the award could be instituted, or the title of Friend of Bosnia could be used, which would be symbolically or physically handed over to the people who have, in some way, helped the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the past 30 years.

7) The language in which the program takes place (except music) is the language of the country in which the Day of Gratitude is being held.

8) In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the observation of the day will not be aimed at gratitude to a country or people, but will celebrate our Day of Independence, and in giving thanks to our neighbors, friends, colleagues, and others.

9) A key prerequisite for the success of the March 6 commemoration is a coordinated approach during the preparatory period and informing the members of the Board about important details in a timely manner. For example, if the Mayor of Rotterdam responds to the organizers in Rotterdam and announces his participation, this information is sent via e-mail immediately to be shared with all members of the Committee in the Netherlands and, via representatives of the Netherlands and the Coordinating Committee, to the world. This information can then be used to mobilize other mayors, as well as ministers, and other well-known figures to participate in the program, or at least to appear.

10) All members of the local groups, national working groups, and organizational bodies work in the name of the Coordination Board. In practice, this means that in media appearances, press releases, and other communications, it is clearly emphasized that local gatherings are part of a synchronized, globally organized gatherings around the world. In addition to the name of the

association or group organizing the gathering, the following should always be stated: this event is held “as part of the Worldwide Day of Gratitude organized by the Coordination Committee 'The World for Bosnia and Herzegovina' ". The Committee's common emblem (logo) shall also be employed.

11) Press releases, the use of social networks, and appearances of organizers in the media are carried out in a coordinated manner and with the greatest possible cooperation. The Media Team will generate press releases in the Bosnian language which, after translation, are sent to all media organizations in the countries where the rallies are to be held. This work an e-mail address has been created for the organization of the March 6, 2022 event, as follows:

12) The Coordination Board is an informal organization and as such, there is no intention to register it. Each meeting will have to be announced and organized by existing, registered associations.

13) In addition to the Media Team, coordinated promotion of the action is also planned on social networks. In this regard, it would be desirable to establish a special IT team for creating and maintaining pages on social networks, messages and symbols to be shared, and possibly launch a website. Whoever is interested can report to the above e-mail address.

The success and results of the March 1st and 6th observances directly depend on the readiness of the members Coordinating Committee for cooperation and coordination. It is key to put priority on Bosnia and Herzegovina and the prosperity of its citizens. Possible animosities from the past, personal promotion, or the promotion of a party or people shall be left aside. These events are not, and cannot be, only gatherings of Bosniaks or Croats or Serbs or anyone else exclusively.

The message of coexistence and peace as a concept of intimacy and solidarity among people must be clear and visible to all.

The responsibility we take upon ourselves is a great one, and this commemoration has the possibility of becoming a kind of ‘Bosnian winter’, as a period of intensified and organized action by Bosnians and Herzegovinians from the diaspora. It's all up to us.

We are all Bosnia and Herzegovina together! All for Bosnia, Bosnia for all!
Brussels, 3 February 2022