Pismo ambasadoru Japana u Sarajevu

29. 03. 2022.

Hon. Kazuya Ogawa,
Embassy of Japan in Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Bistrik 9, 71000, Sarajevo

Dear Mr Ambassador Ogawa,

We are writing to you regarding the genocide denial. One of the stages of genocide is its denial. Genocide Denial is an integral part of the continuation of the crime.

Presently one of the professors associated with Rikkyo University - Prof. Yukie Osa, is publically denying genocide. She co-authored an academic study denying the Bosnian Genocide.

We wrote a letter to the rector of Rikkyo University Professor Renta Nishihara asking him about the official position but never received an answer. This act of ignoring such an important subject as genocide means that Rikkyo University is actually supporting genocide denial by Yukie Osa.

Japan recognizes the International Court of Justice and the United Nations but the actions of Prof. Yukie Osa and of the Rikkyo University made Japan
an active participant in the Bosnian Genocide. 

Russian and pro-Russian propaganda agents are using the study Professor Yukie Osa co-authored as a propaganda tool from the joint propaganda enterprise of Russian and pro-Russian forces to discredit International Law. This study is a propaganda tool not only against Bosniaks but against Ukraine now in the moment of Russian aggression. The Japanese Government officially placed sanctions on Russia and we thought it includes also Moscow's propagandists.

We have the following questions:

What is the Japanese government's position on Russian and pro-Russian propaganda?

What actions is Japan going to undertake about Rikkyo Universities' shameful behaviour? 

Dr. Emir Ramić
Institute for Research of Genocide Canada