In memory of Afzaal family

In memory of Afzaal family
The Institute for Research of Genocide Canada condemned a brutal, cowardly and brazen attack on a London, Ont. Afzaal family. This killing was no accident. This was a terrorist attack. They were all targeted because of their Muslim faith. This is happening here, in Canada, and it has to stop. Freedom to worship can’t exist without freedom from fear, and every Canadian has a right to that.
Canada continues to witness a rise of far-right extremist groups. There has been increase in hate-motivated attacks on faith communities and visible minorities, particularly Muslims in the last few years. Members of the Muslim community feel unsafe and are afraid for their families and loved ones. It shouldn’t be this way.
We call on all Canadians to acknowledge that all is not well in our country. Words of solidarity alone by politicians are no longer good enough. We must call out Islamophobia and racism when we see it. We must all play an active role in bringing about changes to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard.
Our message to our Muslim brothers and sisters: we are with you in sending a clear message to the racists and hate mongers that we stand together against all forms of racism, bigotry and religious intolerance. 
We must address hatred against Muslims and minority communities. Let us all play a role in building a more just and inclusive society.
Emir Ramic
Institute for Research of Genocide Canada