Conference “Omarska is an echo of Auschwitz 8”

Financial support for the project which is going to be held on: October 28. 2011. in the city Linz, Austria


Conference “Omarska is an echo of Auschwitz 8”


The Tower of knowledge Linz (Wissensturm Linz)


Guest lecturers:


-Josef Ackerl (vice president of the province G. Austria)

-Professor Hugo Schanovsky (former mayor of Linz and the witness of the time of National Socialism)

-A representative of the Mauthausen Committee of Austria

-A representative of Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Austria

-Sudbin Music (Secretary of the Association of Detainee “Prijedor ’92.” from Prijedor)

-Mirsad Duratović (former detainee in Omarska - as seventeen years old)

-Working group “Four faces of Omarska” from Serbia (Mirjana Dragosavljevic, Srdjan Hercigonja, Nenad Porobic, Vladimir Miladinovic, Mirjana Peitler-Selakov, Marija Ratkovic, Dejan Vasic, Jovanka Vojinovic and Milica Tomic)

One of the main goals of this project is to contribute to the project of establishing the Memorial center at Omarska.


Our association: Center of modern Austria Initiative - CSI with a major goal state of repair, recognition of victims and establishing long-term peace organized several projects aimed at building awareness of the Austrian public about the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the terrible crimes in the framework of which occurred genocide against Bosniaks.


Our attention from an imminent project is directed towards the municipality of Prijedor, more accurately to the Omarska concentration camp, which is the symbol of the suffering of the people, first of Bosniaks and Bosnian Croats in Prijedor municipality, and its neighboring municipalities.


To remind, the verdict to president of the municipality of Prijedor Milomir Stakic (40 years of prison), the Trial Chamber of the Hague tribunal for war crimes, among others, concluded that “the taking over the power was illegal coup d’etat, which for months was planned and coordinated, and whose ultimate goal was to create a Serbian municipalities, which is ultimately expected to become a purely imaginary part of the Serbian state.”(


According to the ICTY in the Omarska concentration camp had been detained more than 3,000 non-Serb people, of which according to the statistics of the Association of Detainees ”Prijedor ‘92”has been killed around 800 people(among whom nearly all the prominent citizens), while the physical and psychological torture represented in everyday life this death camp. Just for the crimes in a concentration camp, UN Tribunal in The Hague was in 1995. issued indictments against 21 members of big Serbia structure. (Http://  the vast majority of them have already been convicted for war crimes committed in the Prijedor municipality.


However, despite these facts, in Prijedor has almost never spoken publicly about what happened during the war, the victims are neither morally nor legally recognized, places of suffering have never been marked. On this basis, an initiative was the establishment of the Memorial center at Omarska, around which gathered many associations and prominent individuals. Our association CSI wants to give contribution to this important endeavor, which should contribute to the repairing status of the victims, the culture of remembrance, and building a positive awareness, so that similar crimes would never happen to anyone ever again.

Cooperation partners: Volkshilfe, Migrare and the Association of Detainees “Prijedor ‘92.”


We are currently working on making the Mauthausen Committee of Austria as partners.


Media coverage: TVSA

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