Letter of Brian Masse

Emir Ramic, President


Congress of North American Bosniaks, Canada Branch


Sent by e-mail to:<>




Dear Professor Ramic,




I would like to thank you for your letter of appreciation on behalf of your membership for the creation of the Canada-Bosnia and Herzegovina Friendship Group that we recently created for Parliamentarians on Parliament Hill.




In conjunction with the Group Executive and the Ambassador to Canada for Bosnia-Herzegovina, we look forward to strengthening the bilateral relations between our two nations, working to improve relations and ensure that Bosnian-Canadians are valued and recognized in our Canadian society.




Please know that I am honoured to serve as one of the first-ever Vice-Chairs of this Group and I look forward to continuing the work that we have accomplished to date by working with all Bosnian- Canadians and to help bring any concerns to the forefront in Canada.




Thank you again for your letter and I look forward to working with you.




Yours truly,




Brian Masse MP

Windsor West