Response to Mr. James Bissett’s appearance on Canadian TV {CTV} on July 11, 2012




A crime was committed on Canadian TV {CTV} on July 11, 2012



Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada and Congress of North American Bosniaks, Branch Canada invites all friends of truth about the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina and friends of justice for victims of this crime to write or call CTV News and explain your opposition to what was stated on the Srebrenica Genocide anniversary by James Bissett.



Response to Mr. James Bissett’s appearance on Canadian TV {CTV} on July 11, 2012


In response to Mr. Bissett’s appearance on Canadian TV on July 11, 2012, Canadians of Bosnian descent is astounded and disappointed.   It is really distasteful and shameful to deny the genocide in Srebrenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on the day when we remember the victims of this most heinous of crimes, on the day that even the Canadian Parliament in its resolution declared as day of mourning for the victims of genocide in Srebrenica.


Mr. Bissett's analysis lacks objectivity and the sole purpose of it is to protect the Serbian interests as if he were the legal and media author for all evils committed by Serbs. The obvious agenda is to equalize guilt of all parties in the conflict. It is so visible that there is a lack of compassion for the victims of the Srebrenica Genocide. In his analysis of "who started the war" he implies Muslims "got what they deserved" at the end of the conflict as Mr. Bissett shamefully claimed since they wanted to establish the Shariah Law in Bosnia.  This furthest from the truth and a total lie and distortion of the facts on the ground.  It’s a term and scare tactic used by Serbian nationalists and genocide deniers to justify killing of innocent Bosnian civilians.


Serbian Army committed some of the worst atrocities in former Yugoslavia, with Bosnia receiving the brunt of those crimes. During the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina, over 420 conc. camps established by the Serbs. compared to 80 established by Croats and 20 by Muslims. During the war, over 1000 Mosques and many more historic sites were demolished and destroyed.  After the war 94 % of bodies exhumed from mass graves were Bosniak civilians. Estimated 50,000 Bosniak Women were raped as a systemic way of torture and Genocide.


Mr. Bissett, one thing is to know the truth and to keep it quiet and secret, and the other thing is to know the truth, twist it and abuse it for whatever personal reasons you may have.


In the interest of fair, honest, and professional reporting we call upon Canadian TV and media to invite true history experts on the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Canadians deserve to hear from those who speak with honesty about what truly happened in Bosnia and not from misleading gentleman such as former general McKenzie and Mr. Bissett


There are others who can talk about the tragedy of Bosnian war.


Bosniaks demand an apology to all the victims survivors and those who immigrated  and continue to deal with the aftermath of the committed genocide 20 years letter.




Emir Ramic

Director of the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada